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C# Web application developer

The test checks skills and knowledge in C# and is designed for C# Web application developers.

C# - the object-oriented programming language. Programs written in C# are compiled into Common Intermediate Language (CIL) which is a simplified subset of the C programming language, as well as a set of tools for transforming C programs into that language; also several other tools use CIL as a way to have access to a C abstract syntax tree eg. Frama-c or Compcert means C compiler proven in coq.

.NET Framework – (pronounced dot net) is a software framework that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes Common Language Runtime – CLR and a large library and supports several programming languages which allows language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages). Manages the various elements of the system: the application code, memory, and security.

ASP.NET – is a web application framework which allows programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), allowing programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language. The ASP.NET SOAP extension framework allows ASP.NET components to process SOAP messages.

ADO.NET - (ActiveX Data Object for .NET) is a part of the base class library that is included with the Microsoft .NET Framework and is commonly used by programmers to access and modify data stored in relational database systems, though it can also access data in non-relational sources.

The following example question may arise in the test:

CLS means:
   a) Common Language Specification
   b) Common Layers Specification
   c) Class Language Specification
   d) All answers are incorrect

section: "C# - language", intermediate

Questions to answer: 51
Time to test: 45 min
Test price: 10.30 EUR 7.21 EUR discount code is valid until 30.06.2016!
  • C# - language (13)
    Questions about the C # language (eg. CLR, CTS, syntax, the use cases, the best strategies for using etc.).
  • C# - Base Class Library (9)
    Questions about the base classes in C # (eg: basic knowledge, definition, relations, classes elements, modifiers, etc.)
  • C# - Service-oriented aplications: Windows Communication Foundation (6)
    Questions about service-oriented applications: Windows Communication Foundation (eg: communication with other operating systems or technologies, web services, etc.).
  • C# - Web services (6)
    Questions about web services in C # (eg, network protocols, analysis of network connections, Web editor, FTP, web services, etc.).
  • C# - ASP.NET (7)
    Questions about web applications in C # (eg: building dynamic web pages, web applications etc.).
  • C# - Access to databases (10)
    Questions about database access in C #, ADO.NET (eg read-out of data, combining, protecting, data sources, etc.)
Sławomir Orłowski & Dawid Borycki

Sławomir Orłowski – He has a faculty position of assistant professor at the Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University. He is a lecturer in the Applied Informatics specialization. He received his PhD in 2009. His research interests include bioinformatics, computer simulation and image processing. Since 2008 he has worked at Research & Development Office Optopol Technology, Canon Group, where he is responsible for C/C++, C# and C++/CLI programming, software architecture, code integration, risk management and validation of the medical software. He develops algorithms. He collaborates with Helion Publishing Group, Hackin9 and Software Developers Journal. He is the author of the scientific publications, books and articles that cover the IT field.

Dawid Borycki – Graduated from the Physics, Astronomy and Informatics Department of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. He is continuing the education as a PhD student in the same department where within his research, he designs and implement advanced algorithms used to analyze and visualize physical effects. He also works in the Research and Development Office of Optopol Technology Inc. (Canon Group), where he programs the SOCT eye diagnostic devices. Dawid has published several articles in scientific journals and written two books about Visual C++ 2008 and Visual C# 2010 programming, published by Helion Publishing Group Inc. Dawid has received several grants and scholarships for PhD students.

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