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Do you think that knowledge of foreign languages can ​​help in finding a job?



Nowadays - when we can cooperate with people from other countries - knowledge of foreign language is a very important skill.

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And how fast can you type?

Do you know what can absorb your time at work?

We know what it is! One of the reasons that workers are less productive in their duties is an inability to fast typing on the keyboard.

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Are you faster than everybody else?

The test checks competences of the Croatian language. Checks knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and knowledge of business vocabulary.
Questions to answer: 50
Time to test: 25 min
Test price: 13.80 EUR 9.66 EUR discount code is valid until 30.06.2016!
  • Grammar and vocabulary (40)
    Questions verify the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Business vocabulary (10)
    Questions verify the knowledge of business vocabulary.
Ljiljana Duraskovic

A native of Montenegro, Former Yugoslavia. She taught Russian at the University of Montengro and received her MA in Montegro. In 2003 she came to Ohio State University to do her Ph.D. (Slavonic Linguistics in the Slavonic Department). She taught Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and Russian at OSU. In 2007 she got a job at the University of Pittsburgh where she is still teaching Russian and Bosnian/Croatian/serbian. She is also a coordinater/director of the eastern European Program at the Summer language Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. Additionaly, she is a certified BCS and Russian ACTFL ILR OPI tester (she also does projects for them and does testing). Moreover, she is the author of many publications on the languages in which she specializes.

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