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Do you think that knowledge of foreign languages can ​​help in finding a job?



Nowadays - when we can cooperate with people from other countries - knowledge of foreign language is a very important skill.

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Do you know what can absorb your time at work?

We know what it is! One of the reasons that workers are less productive in their duties is an inability to fast typing on the keyboard.

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The test checks competences of the Italian language. Checks knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and knowledge of business vocabulary. Checks listening and reading comprehension.
Questions to answer: 75
Time to test: 55 min
Test price: 8.55 EUR 5.99 EUR discount code is valid until 30.06.2016!
  • Grammar and vocabulary (45)
    Questions verify the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Reading Comprehension (8)
    I can read. This section contains some text describing the story or event. Questions verify reading comprehension.
  • Listening Comprehension (7)
    I understand what I hear. This section contains some MP3 file. Questions verify listening comprehension.
  • Business vocabulary (15)
    Questions verify the knowledge of business vocabulary.
Thomas Altuccini

Thomas Altuccini is a graduate of La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, and of the Teacher’s Training Centre at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Currently, he is Head of Italian specialization and a lecturer at the Foreign Language Teacher Training College, Promar International, a lecturer of Italian language at the University of Rzeszów and at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. Altuccini is also a coordinator and an examiner of CILS (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language) offered by the Foreigners' University of Siena. He is a member of the editorial board of In Media Res, Promar International’s periodical. Altuccini also contributes to the Amaltea periodical. Altuccini is the creator and ongoing organizer of the Rzeszów Festival of Italian Cinema, and is a member of the committee that participates in awarding the Premio Napoli Literary Prize.

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