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Middle Manager

This tests concerns the psychological skills of managerial abilities connected with the fulfillment of managerial functions at the middle level in the organization.

Managing is a process of achieving organizational goals and objectives with and through other people. So, managers are people whose primary mission is to achieve business goals by using of human resources of the organization.

Managing is a process of:
    -   planning,
    -   organizing,
    -   leadership,
    -   controlling of subordinates,
    -   realization of planned actions.

At present almost all companies employ specialists who are responsible for realization of company strategy.

The Middle Manager is usually responsible of the following tasks:
   -  supervising and coordinating the work of other managers, and sometimes the contractors;
   -  implementation of plans developed at the highest level;
   -  creating reports about progress of work;
   -  presenting ideas for solving emerging problems;
   -  improvement of the work of subordinates.

Despite appearances not everyone can work as a Mid-level Manager (Manager, Coordinator of the team, Project Coordinator, Head of Department). Work on the managerial position is connected with requirement of the highly developed personal features.

Based on our own experience, but also on the basis of the advertisements that appear in the labor market we have prepared for you a special package of 11 psychological skills related with the work as Middle Manager.

If you want to check only the team management skills, we invite you to the test which is located at following link Team management.

The test is a compilation of a single personality questionnaires that you can find at our Website.

Questions to answer: 110
Time to test: 45 min
Test price: 17.10 EUR 11.97 EUR discount code is valid until 30.06.2016!
  • Communicability (10)
    The scale is used to determine the extent to which people are talkative and sociable; if they are able to establish and maintain contacts with other people; the extent to which they use assertiveness; the use of the principles of correct communication, enabling effective communication with colleagues and building satisfying relationships at work.
  • Goal orientation (10)
    The scale is to determine what the peoples’ attitude to their own success and achievements are; the extent to which they believe in their self-efficiency; their level of entrepreneurship, self-esteem and belief in the meaning-making effort and the risk these people reveal; what is their way of coping with difficult tasks.
  • Development of employees (10)
    This scale is used to determine the extent to which people support staff in the implementation of tasks and with their professional development; whether they indicate to subordinates ways of finding solutions to problems, and whether they teach them independence; whether they have the ability to select good workers for specific tasks which can develop their competence; whether they organise training tailored to the needs of subordinates.
  • Team-Building Skills (10)
    The scale is used to determine the extent to which people can motivate the team to the common tasks; whether they can initiate positive relationships and facilitate a climate for effective collaboration; how they are able to encourage the development of informal relationships in a group, which will help the group to realize tasks entrusted to them effectively.
  • Managing (10)
    The scale is used to determine the extent to which the people can effectively manage a team; the extent to which they use these skills to motivate and inspire the commitment of other team members; the extent to which they manifest a tendency to play an important managerial role. Whether they have the ability to influence others and the ability to control and organise group activities.
  • Motivating others (10)
    This scale is used to specify how people are able to encourage and mobilize workers to make an effort, using different techniques that are adjusted to the needs of workers; whether they look for new ways to increase subordinates’ motivation and commitment; whether they have the ability to apply motivational aspects of assigned tasks.
  • Evaluation of employees (10)
    This scale is used to determine the extent to which people effectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of subordinates; to see whether they have knowledge of their skills; whether they have the ability to select workers for specific tasks.
  • Coordinating (10)
    The scale is used to determine the extent to which people create effective plans of action; how effectively they assign others to tasks and have control over the running of activities and relevant information flow; the extent to which they have the ability to integrate the activities of employees within the company’s structure to achieve the target; the extent to which they can optimize and take advantage of employees’ skills in achieving the set objectives; how they use their own competencies and relationships with others to improve their work.
  • Planning (10)
    The scale is used to determine the extent to which people have the ability to plan their own work which contributes to the effective implementation of the objectives; whether have the ability to create a vision of the desired state; whether they have skills to create tasks; how they manage tasks in the organization which require long-term planning.
  • Dealing with conflicts (10)
    The scale is used to determine how people are able to settle a dispute with difficult partners; whether they are able to express constructive criticism; ability to control the influence of emotions in the process of reaching an agreement; the extent to which - despite the incompatibility of certain opinions – they are able to maintain good relationships with colleagues.
  • Independence and autonomy (10)
    This scale is used to determine the extent to which people are independent in their opinions and activities; the extent to which they work without supervision and control; whether they are afraid to make independent decisions and take responsibility for their actions; to what extent they could operate without help from others.
Anna Białous

Graduated from the Psychology Department at the Jagiellonian University. Psychologist and psychotherapist. Conducts trainings in interpersonal skills, personal and professional development. Member of the Polish Psychologists' Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne). Author of over 150 articles on psychology. She has vast experience in assessing candidate competencies during recruitment processes, developing competence tests and diagnosing job predispositions with psychological tests.

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