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Save time!

You can invite a number of candidates to complete a remote test simultaneously from any location, which allows you to check the knowledge and competency of many potential employees at the same time.

More information about job candidates during initial CV evaluation!

Testcv.com gives the employer a better insight on selected candidates’ profiles (both in terms of soft skills and technical knowledge in given areas), which can certainly reduce time and budget required for the recruitment process. Based on test results you can make the initial selection of job candidates, and only then decide whether to invite a given potential employee for an interview at your company.

No geographical restrictions!

Testcv.com is available from any location around the world. If you are a job candidate, you can take the test without having to visit the employer’s office. If you are an employer, you can invite candidates to take the test from anywhere, using a web browser of your choice. Testcv.com is a testing tool available to you everytime and everywhere – all you need is internet access!


Our website provides tests from many different categories, including tests verifying the command of foreign languages, knowledge and skills related to programming, database management and use of various software, as well as psychological and job-specific tests.

High quality and technical correctness of tests!

Our tests were designed by professionals from different fields and countries to guarantee that you receive a high-quality product.

Unlimited access to test results!

After completing the test, every user sees a percentage score for each test section (group of questions on a given subject). In addition, the user receives a total percentage score with an overall test result and a detailed professional descriptive assessment of their result or, in the case of e.g. psychological tests, a description of their soft skills. By using a special link to the result page that does not require log-in you can present your results to others in many different ways. For example, you can share the results with potential employers by adding the link to your CV, social network profile or blog.

Ease of use!

Testcv.com is a very user-friendly website that is easy to use. If you have any questions or problems, our technical support team is at your service.

Attractive discounts and special offers!

Use our website frequently to gain additional benefits: if your annual spending reaches a certain amount, you can buy tests for up to 30% less!