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Do you think that knowledge of foreign languages can ​​help in finding a job?



Nowadays - when we can cooperate with people from other countries - knowledge of foreign language is a very important skill.

Check out our language tests.

And how fast can you type?

Do you know what can absorb your time at work?

We know what it is! One of the reasons that workers are less productive in their duties is an inability to fast typing on the keyboard.

Check out our Typing Test!

Are you faster than everybody else?

Opportunities for test authors and reviewers!

If you specialise in a field where a competency test may be useful, let us know whether you can design such a test.

Tell us what kind of test can you prepare and send us the following information:

  • name and short description of the test
  • target group of the test
  • test sections (what kind of knowledge in a given field will the test cover?)
  • suggested number of questions (keep in mind that the overall number of questions for each test must be much greater than the number of questions asked during a single test session).

If you want us to consider your offer:

  • describe your qualifications (we would like to know what makes you an expert in a given field)
  • send us your CV
  • a description of academic achievements or completed projects and a list of publications are welcome
  • tell us what do you expect in exchange for preparing a test.

Depending on the merchantability of a given test, we offer various forms of remuneration:

  • a biographical note appended to test description that will enhance your prestige in the industry
  • unlimited access to your test at Testcv.com
  • a certain amount you can spend on any test available at Testcv.com
  • a share in revenues generated by users who take your test
  • a one-off payment.

We also seek experts to review our tests. If you have suitable qualifications and are willing to verify and correct tests designed by others, please contact us.