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Opportunities for test authors and reviewers!

If you specialise in a field where a competency test may be useful, let us know whether you can design such a test.

Tell us what kind of test can you prepare and send us the following information:

  • name and short description of the test
  • target group of the test
  • test sections (what kind of knowledge in a given field will the test cover?)
  • suggested number of questions (keep in mind that the overall number of questions for each test must be much greater than the number of questions asked during a single test session).

If you want us to consider your offer:

  • describe your qualifications (we would like to know what makes you an expert in a given field)
  • send us your CV
  • a description of academic achievements or completed projects and a list of publications are welcome
  • tell us what do you expect in exchange for preparing a test.

Depending on the merchantability of a given test, we offer various forms of remuneration:

  • a biographical note appended to test description that will enhance your prestige in the industry
  • unlimited access to your test at Testcv.com
  • a certain amount you can spend on any test available at Testcv.com
  • a share in revenues generated by users who take your test
  • a one-off payment.

We also seek experts to review our tests. If you have suitable qualifications and are willing to verify and correct tests designed by others, please contact us.