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The test belongs to test group for the Webmaster and checks the knowledge of using CSS (eg.: CSS baiss, formatting of text and lists, graphics, text formatting, hyperlinks formatting, menus, tables, positioning, etc.).

Cascading Style Sheets, CSS - is used for describing and displaying the web pages. A CSS style sheet is a list of rules enabling how the browser ought to display the contents of the selected element (X) HTML or XML. This way you can describe all elements of the website (including: fonts, text color, margins, interlinear distance or even position of of elements to each other). Using of the style sheets provides many opportunities for positioning.

Therefore, the the person to whom we entrust the responsibility for our web site (especially positioning) should demonstrate knowledge of the CSS technology.

The following example question may arise in the test:

Which of the following are not correct CSS border properties?
a) border-top-style
b) border-top
c) border-top-color
d) border-top-thickness

section: "CSS - Graphics, intermediate
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Questions to answer: 15
Time to test: 12 min
Test price: 0.00 EUR
  • CSS - Graphics (3)
  • CSS - Hyperlinks (1)
  • CSS - Lists formatting (2)
  • CSS - Tables formatting (1)
  • CSS - Text formatting (3)
  • CSS - Construction of the menus (2)
  • CSS - Basic language (1)
  • CSS - Positioning (1)
  • CSS - Practical issues (1)