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Financial analysis

The test verifies the ability of inference based on the financial data.

One of the most important skills needed for working with numerical data is ability of the Logical Analysis of Data - both verbal and numerical. It may be checked by the numerical and verbal tests.

Financial analysis - is next to the techno-economic analysis part of the economic analysis which is the pillar of the business analysis. The task of of the financial analysis is to provide information about the results and financial situation of companies - what is necessary for the management process and cooperation with creditors, contractors, investors, auditors, statistical offices etc.

While you recruit for work in financial department worth paying attention to analytical skills presented by the candidates to work. If he/she can operate on the financial data, whether he/she will be able to take responsibility for budget, and whether he/she will cope with such responsibilities like:
    - inancial reports analysis
    - Cash Flow analysis and statement
    - assessment of factors affecting financial effect
    - identification of the company's financial condition
    - Balances
    - Income Statement Calculations
    - Cash Flow

The following example may arise in the test:

The company exports its products to the USA.
What is this graph for?
   a) to establish selling price in USA currency
   b) to appraise the value of transaction with USA
   c) to count the value of invoices
   d) to count the custom
   e) all answers are correct

section: "Financial analysis", basic

Candidates may use of the calculator.

Questions to answer: 16
Time to test: 16 min
Test price: 4.25 EUR
  • Financial analysis