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It depends. If you apply for a job/promotion, the test may be sponsored by your potential/current employer. In that case, you do not pay anything because it is the employer that invites you to complete the test.

Otherwise, you have to charge your Testcv.com account first. Then, appropriate fees will be deducted from your account each time you take a test.

In order to prepare professional tests, we had to hire high-quality specialists. That is why, unfortunately, we cannot provide access to our website free-of-charge.

We accept payments from all major types of credit cards. You can also make payments via the account created in our Internet Payment Provider or wire transfer directly to our bank account. You can deposit higher amount than the price of the single test. You can to use the surplus in your preferred time in our Service - we don't specify a time limit for it.

Absolutely yes. Credit card payments are handled by Moneybookers.com, a reputed online payment service provider that takes the responsibility for ensuring your credit card information is safe and processed using link encryption. The owner of Testcv.com does not have any access to your credit card number.

Yes. If your spending at Testcv.com in the last year has reached a certain amount, test prices will be automatically reduced for you by up to 30%. That is why, we recommend using our website frequently.

Yes. If you entered your company details during registration, an invoice will be generated online every time you make a payment at Testcv.com. To print it, simply log in, go to your financial report and click the link to the print invoice page located next to "Payments".

You have 2 options. One option is to trust your candidate to complete the test without cheating because any attempt to cheat will be exposed as soon as they begin working for your company. If a candidate tries to increase the test score in an dishonest way, they will be doing themselves wrong. When they start working, it will become apparent they lack appropriate qualifications.

However, if you want to be absolutely sure that no one has helped your candidate pass the test, you can ask them to complete the test at your office, e.g. during an interview. In that case, you can see that the candidate completes the test on their own.

Yes. Once you complete a test, you can print an official certificate with the test score. In addition, you will have access to a special link to a page with test results. You can share that link with your potential employers, e.g. by adding it to your CV.

We search for test authors carefully among authorities from different fields. Psychological tests were prepared by scientists specialising in psychology. IT and language tests were created by professionals as well. You can usually find a short note about the author under the test

Each test, regardless of how advanced skills does a candidate possess, is aimed at providing information about the candidate’s knowledge of a given subject. That is why, we did not divide tests according to difficulty level. Each test contains very simple, intermediate as well as very difficult questions.

For example, if you pass the English test with a score of ca. 40%, it corresponds to the FCE (First Certificate in English) level, while a score of ca. 80% corresponds more or less to the TOEFL certificate.

During the test, random questions are selected for the candidate from the entire set of questions prepared by authors in a given category. The overall number of possible questions for each test is much greater than the number of questions asked during a single test session. Of course, there is some probability that a question will be repeated when you take the test again. However, that probability is not high enough to considerably increase the test score after each successive attempt.

We believe that Testcv.com is a great tool for initial selection of candidates. It helps you save time and money. With Testcv.com, you can compare the qualifications of many candidates quickly and objectively. In addition, a test-based selection can be more accurate and fair. However, even in the case of tests as excellent as ours, their results should not be the only criterion for employee selection.

An invitation includes a special one-time code that allows you to complete a chosen test. You have to enter that code on our website to be able to take the test.

Invitations can be sent by employers or personnel consultancy companies to potential job candidates, so that they complete a test at Testcv.com without visiting the company’s office. An employer that wants to send such an invitation to a selected candidate can e-mail or print it.

Thanks to invitations, test-related costs are incurred by the potential employer, not the candidate.

Of course, if you look for a job or apply for promotion, you can pay for the test yourself, in which case invitation is unnecessary.

Each test includes information about the time you have to answer all the questions. Once the test begins, you cannot stop the timer.

Each test is divided into question sections. For example, language tests comprise the following sections: vocabulary and grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and business vocabulary. Testcv.com displays a percentage score for each section and a total percentage score for the entire test. In addition, you can see a short descriptive assessment.

The test engine works via a web browser. You do not have to download or launch any additional software. If our website displays correctly on your computer, the test engine will work as well.

However, keep in mind that:

  • your browser cannot block JavaScript (a warning will be displayed if JavaScript is blocked by your browser)
  • your speakers have to be turned on because some tests include audio questions (appropriate information can be found in the test description)
  • your laptop battery has to be charged if you are not using an adapter
  • you need a reliable internet connection during the entire test (for example, do not take the test if you use wireless internet connection while on a train).

Log in to our website and click "Edit your data". Then, enable or disable the option "I agree to receive the newsletter" and click "Save changes".

In that case, please log in and check the financial report to see if the payment was added to your account on our website. Unlike credit card payments, those made by wire transfer may appear after several days.

Please make sure you entered correct credit card or wire transfer information. Then, check your credit card statement to see if it includes your payment. If so, please use the contact form available on our website to send us your complaint, including the amount, time of payment and transaction number from the online payment system.

Please click "Log in" (the link is located at the top right corner of the page). Then, click "Recover password" and enter the e-mail address used during registration on the password recovery page. You will receive a new password via e-mail within several minutes.

Click "Enter code" (the link is located at the top right corner of the page). Then, enter the invitation code that you received via e-mail from your sponsor. Once you enter a valid code, log in (or, if you do not have an account yet, register on our website). Then, you will be redirected to a page where you can take the test.

Testcv.com will never ask for your password or credit card information via e-mail. You enter your password only at Testcv.com using a secure and encrypted connection. Please make sure your browser displays a lock icon at that time.

The discounts available at Testcv.com do not add up. In practice, our system automatically selects and applies the discount which is the most beneficial to the user at a given time.

2 € - it is value of the minimum payment accepted by the TestCV.com.

The Vat Invoice is issued to the each of the payments. Invoices are generated automatically and include the date of payment entry to our account (note: you cannot change this date) and include information submitted by User. Therefore, it is important to properly fill out the registration form and the payment form.
We inform you that bug report and the change data of the Vat Invoice are possible only during 7 days of payment.

Remember that changing of data the Vat Invoice relates only a situation where details included in the the document are not consistent with the data given in the form of payment. In other cases (due to the current legislation) we do not make data changes to to the Vat Invoices issued with data that have been entered into the payment form.