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Tests for IT

IT competency tests are tools that help check the knowledge and skills concerning information technology in its broad sense. They are devoted, in particular, to programming languages, use of software, databases and operating systems as well as webmaster skills and network administration. Our platform provides over 20 IT/computer tests that check skills in the above-mentioned areas.

IT/computer tests are becoming more and more popular in the recruitment process. They are often indispensable, for example, when hiring candidates for specialist positions.

Here you will find tests designed by our specialists. All tests were prepared by professionals, academic teachers and practitioners from various fields. Each test includes a description and a short biographical note about its author.

Now you can check (totally for free) your IT skills or invite someone to the test and then talk with this person about results.

You can also check how the testing mechanism works at TestCV.com.

Click the following links and enjoy our FREE IT COMPETENCY TESTS:

Java ME
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint – basic
Network Administration
SQL Developer
Windows Client - Windows 7

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