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JavaScript with selected frameworks

The test belongs to test group for the Webmaster and checks the knowledge of using of JavaScript(eg.: basis JS, scripts, data operations, instructions, functions, arrays and objects, strings and regular expressions, website elements, etc.) and selected frameworks: jQuery and MooTools.

JavaScript (JS) is also known as ECMAScript, is a prototype-based, object-oriented scripting language that is dynamic, weakly typed and has first-class functions and is generally used on websites. Scripts are used mostly to provide interactivity by responding to events, Form Validation and building the elements of navigation. JavaScript can be also used to programm the full-fledged applications.
MooTools – it is JavaScript Library which consists of the modules. The file named core.js is the core of the MooTool.The other libraries are optional.
jQuery – is a lightweight JavaScript library (simplifies DOM manipulation).

While you recruit the Webmasters worth paying attention to level of knowledge of JavaScript and the popular frameworks developed of this technology presented by the candidates to work.

The following example question may arise in the test:

What information can be obtained from the variable event passed to an event handler method (in IE7 and lower event is available as a property of the window object)?
  a) mouse pointer coordinates relative to the screen
   b) the type of XHTML element for which the event was triggered
   c) which of the keys: Alt, Ctrl, and Shift were pressed
   d) the coordinates of top-left corner of the element for which the event was triggered, relative to the page

section: "JS - event handling", intermediate

Questions to answer: 25
Time to test: 20 min
Test price: 8.55 EUR
  • JS - Script embedding, theoretical basics (1)
  • JS - Data types, conversions, operators (1)
  • JS - Control instructions (2)
  • JS - Functions (2)
  • JS - Arrays and objects (2)
  • JS - Using standard functions and objects (date, time, mathematical functions) (2)
  • JS - Strings and regular expressions (1)
  • JS - Event handling (2)
  • JS - Manipulating XHTML structure, forms (1)
  • JS - Practical problems, differences among browsers (1)
  • jQuery Framework (5)
  • MooTools Framework (5)