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Marketing analysis

This is a numerical reasoning test dedicated for using by employers in recruitment process and include the marketing analysis. Our test check the ability of analytical thinking and working on the figures.

One of the most important competences needed in working at positions related to the implementation of actions on the figures is ability of logical thinking and data analyze - both verbal and figures. This competence can be checked by numerical and verbal tests.

Marketing analysis is based on an evaluation of intensified marketing activities and looking for a better enriching of the company by having appropriate and necessary information about a particular market, finding the best place of business in that environment and increase sales in this market. This analysis should include various factors which shape the opportunities and limits in the expanding and enriching activity of the company.

Our test, in particular, we recommend for use in recruitment for positions associated with using of advanced marketing data where are important skills such as:
    - competition analysis
    - analysis of sales channels, distribution systems
    - ability to interpret data in terms of turnover, costs and profits
    - analysis of financial and investment abilities
    - analysis of the channel of impact on market (eg. funds for advertising)
    - analysis and knowledge about elements supporting sale and distribution

The following example question may arise in the test:

It was examined (in the biggest hypermarkets) - every which minute the products of "X" brand were bought?    rys. 1
In these research it was observed, that tooth paste is bought average every 1,5 minute. Every which sold tooth paste is the paste of "X" brand?
  a) 14
   b) 10
   c) 15
   d) 9
   e) 20

section: "Marketing analysis", intermediate

Candidates can use the calculator.

Questions to answer: 16
Time to test: 16 min
Test price: 4.25 EUR
  • Marketing analysis