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Mathematics and logical analysis

This is a numerical reasoning test dedicated for using by employers in recruitment process and include the mathematical and logical analysis. Our test check the ability of analytical thinking and working on the figures.

One of the most important competences needed in working at positions related to the implementation of actions on the figures is ability of logical thinking and data analyze - both verbal and figures. This competence can be checked by numerical and verbal tests.

"Mathematical and logical analysis" checks whether the candidate can analyze a set of numbers, tables, charts, and if he is able to draw the logical conclusions related with that data. Our test can help you with verifying above areas.

The following example question may arise in the test:

Five gears A, B, C, D and E are combined as illustrated:
rys. 1

If gear A rotates counterclockwise then:
  a) gears B and D will rotate clockwise
   b) gear A will rotate clockwise
   c) gear C will rotate clockwise
   d) gear D will rotate counterclockwise
   e) none of these

section: "Mathematical and logical analysis", intermediate

Candidates can use the calculator.
Questions to answer: 16
Time to test: 16 min
Test price: 4.25 EUR
  • Mathematical and logical analysis