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Do you think that knowledge of foreign languages can ​​help in finding a job?



Nowadays - when we can cooperate with people from other countries - knowledge of foreign language is a very important skill.

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And how fast can you type?

Do you know what can absorb your time at work?

We know what it is! One of the reasons that workers are less productive in their duties is an inability to fast typing on the keyboard.

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Are you faster than everybody else?

Orientation to action

The test concerns the psychological skills of orientation to action
Questions to answer: 10
Time to test: 5 min
Test price: 4.25 EUR
  • Orientation to action
    The scale is used to determine the extent to which people are satisfied with their performance in their activities, even if the level of difficulty is high; the extent to which, in their actions, they present the determination and attitude necessary to achieve their goals; the extent to which they are focused on achieving the intended results and are able to work even when tasks are poorly scheduled; the extent to which they have confidence during the execution of their work; the extent to which they have the right motivation to act; whether or not they get tired very quickly.