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PHP - advanced

The test verifies the knowledge and skills of advanced IT solutions for PHP.

PHP – it is an object-oriented programming language which is based on the scripts; is designed for generating websites in real time. Frequently is used for creating server-side scripting of website, it can also be used for data processing from the command prompt and even to write programs running in the graphical mode. It's modularity gives the possibility to program an individual applications with GUI. PHP goves opportunity of PHP enables cooperation with many kinds of data sources (eg. database management systems, Text files, XML documents and WWW services.

The following example question may arise in the test:

Execution of this code snippet twice (browser requests sent one after another) will:

setcookie("id", "Adam");
echo $_COOKIE["id"];
  a) create or restore an existing session
   b) save in the browser cache the cookie "id" with value of "Adam"
   c) print Adam
   d) not show any kind of information

section: "PHP in Web application", intermediate

Questions to answer: 60
Time to test: 50 min
Test price: 8.55 EUR
  • Basic language elements (11)
    Questions concern the basic elements of PHP (eg, operators, functions, conditional instructions, control structures, loops, arrays, etc.).
  • Standard library (10)
    Questions concern the knowledge about standard libraries in PHP (eg. text operations, operations on arrays, or operations on objects, etc.)
  • Regular expressions (4)
    Questions concern the knowledge of using of regular expressions in PHP (eg. structure, searching and replacing the text using regular expressions, the Unicode encoding, etc.).
  • Object-Oriented Programming (13)
    Questions concern the knowledge of object-oriented programming in PHP (eg. classes, interfaces, inheritance, visibility, exception handling, iterators, SPL, refactorization, popular design patterns, etc.).
  • Data access (8)
    Questions concern the knowledge about data operations (eg. PDO, np. PDO, file support, reading and writing the XML format in PHP, JSON, etc.).
  • PHP in web applications (4)
    Questions concern the knowledge about Web Application Support (np.: GET, POST, cookies, sessions, etc.).
  • Security (4)
    Questions concern the knowledge about using of security scripts in PHP (eg. data reliability, filtration, data interpretation, etc.).
  • Advanced language features (6)
    Questions concern the knowledge about advanced practices used in PHP (eg. nemespaces, reflection, anonymous functions, etc.)