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Production and logistics analysis

This is a numerical reasoning test dedicated for using by employers in recruitment process and include the production analysis. Our test check the ability of analytical thinking and working on the figures.

One of the most important competences needed in working at positions related to the implementation of actions on the figures is ability of logical thinking and data analyze - both verbal and figures. This competence can be checked by numerical and verbal tests.

"Production and logistics analysis" checks whether the candidate can analyze examines the ability to understand and manipulate the professional numerical data from the scope of production and logistics as well manufacturing processes and storage facilities.

Our test, in particular, we recommend to use in recruitment for jobs linked to the production, warehousing and logistics to examine skills such as:
    - preparation production plans
    - planning and control of magazine stocks
    - planning and control of deliveries
    - planning and organization of transport
    - implementation, monitoring and optimization of logistic processes

The following example question may arise in the test:

The company produces three types of speakers. Each type of speaker must be packed in a box of different dimensions (see table).
   rys. 1

What is the largest number of speakers that you can pack in a carton of dimensions 100x100x100cm?
   a) 80
   b) 100
   c) 64
   d) 4
   d) 50

section: "Production and logistics analysis", internmediate

Candidates can use the calculator.
Questions to answer: 16
Time to test: 16 min
Test price: 4.25 EUR
  • Production and logistics analysis