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Tests concerning psychological skills

Tests concerning psychological skills are more and more frequently used when hiring new employees and they are gaining popularity among recruiters. These tools enable the assessment of certain characteristics, skills and abilities based on the method and level of test completion. Depending on a given job position, recruiters seek candidates with different sets of characteristics. Thanks to our tests these characteristics can be easily analysed and defined. The tests also indicate how the candidate will cope in different situations, e.g. when stress is involved or when a specific problem needs to be solved.

The process of completing tests, in particular the moment when the results are displayed, can be equally intriguing and inspiring for potential employers, job seekers and people who think about their future career path. The tests available at Testcv.com help assess professional skills and abilities such as decision-making, ability to lead a team, communication skills, customer orientation, motivation, etc.

However, all psychological and competency tests provide only an approximate assessment of candidates’ skills. Thus, they should be treated as auxiliary tools, a starting point for further research or supplementary information about a given person’s competency.

Here you will find personality tests designed by our specialists. All tests were prepared by professionals, academic teachers and practitioners from various fields. Each test includes a description and a short biographical note about its author.

Now you can check (totally for free) your psychological skills or invite someone to the test and then talk with this person about results.

You can also check how the testing mechanism works at TestCV.com.

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Analytical thinking skills
Coping skills for stress
Goal orientation
Good manners
Leadership skills
Orientation on development
Relationship-Building Skills

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