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Sales analysis

This is a numerical reasoning test dedicated for using by employers in recruitment process and include the sale analysis. Our test check the ability of analytical thinking and working on the figures.

One of the most important competences needed in working at positions related to the implementation of actions on the figures is ability of logical thinking and data analyze - both verbal and figures. This competence can be checked by numerical and verbal tests.

Sale analysis includes many useful information about the sale the products manufactured by the company in different cross-sections (eg. new clients raports, the demand for specific goods produced by the company in different groups of buyers).
The types of analysis:
    - customer analysis,
    - cost of sales analysis,
    - sales and profitability analysis,
    - evaluation of the activities of sales representatives,
    - analysis of the product range,
    - analysis of the assortment,
    - sales prognosis.

Our test, in particular, we recommend for use in recruitment for positions associated with using of advanced sales statistics where are important skills such as:
    - analysis of the quantity, value and structure of sold products
    - analysis of the sales income
    - ABC classification

The following example question may arise in the test:

The company produces nad sells few kind of soap. The table shows the structure of sale through last years.  
  rys. 1
In 2008 the company sold 40% tons of soap more that the year before, and in 2009 1,5 times more than in 2008. During those three years the company sold 5 tons of soap. How many tones of soap were sold in 2007?
  a) 2 T
   b) 2,5 T
   c) 3 T
   d) 3,5 T
   e) 4 T

section: "Sales analysis", intermediate

Candidates can use the calculator.

Questions to answer: 16
Time to test: 11.5 min
Test price: 4.25 EUR
  • Sales analysis