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SQL Developer

The test verifies the knowledge and skills of the SQL programming.

The test is dedicated for Database Developers with responsibilities like below:
- developing and maintaining application software
- reporting and data analysis
- preparing and maintaining of systems
- application programming based on the technical specifications
- preparation of technical documentations in accordance with the standards
- support for the operation team in solving application errors.

The following example question may arise in the test:

Can I use a stored procedure can modify the data in the database?
a) yes
b) no
c) Yes, but only on InnoDB tables
d) Yes, but only in MyISAM tables

Section: "MySQL DEV", basic level

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Questions to answer: 36
Time to test: 30 min
Test price: 0.00 EUR
  • MySQL DEV (18)

    Questions concern the skills of the Integrated Development Environment - MySQL Developer.

  • MS SQL DEV (18)
    Questions concern the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - MS SQL Developer.