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The test verifies the knowledge and skills of using of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The webmaster is responsible for:

  • describing the text content of the site using content description languages
  • installing a finished modules to improve application interface
  • introducing functions which can improve utility of the site and organizing an logical structure of the website
  • caring for the correct functioning of the website and controlling the content of website which may be implemented by editors
  • it happens that he works as a web developer (programmer).
Professionally prepared website should be prepared in accordance with the W3C standards. To check the result of the work Webmasters sometines use the W3C validators which are available on the Internet. Unfortunately results of above validators are not always appropriate.

While you recruit the Webmasters worth paying attention to level of knowledge of (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript presented by the candidates to work.

The following example question may arise in the test:

Which of the following statements concerning dividing page content into columns are true?
  1. Dividing page content into columns became possible when XHTML was introduced.
  2. Dividing page content into columns is possible in plain XHTML.
  3. Dividing page content into columns requires the use of CSS.
  4. Columns require floating or positioning.
section: "HTML/ (X)HTML - The practical issues", advanced
Questions to answer: 45
Time to test: 35 min
Test price: 5.10 EUR
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Graphics and multimedia (2)
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Lists (3)
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Basics (1)
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Tables (2)
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Theory (1)
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Text tags (2)
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Hyperlinks (3)
  • HTML/ (X)HTML - Practical problems (1)
  • CSS - Hyperlinks (1)
  • CSS - Lists formatting (2)
  • CSS - Tables formatting (1)
  • CSS - Text formatting (3)
  • CSS - Graphics (3)
  • CSS - Construction of the menus (2)
  • CSS - Basic language (1)
  • CSS - Positioning (1)
  • CSS - Practical issues (1)
  • JS - Using standard functions and objects (date, time, mathematical functions) (2)
  • JS - Functions (2)
  • JS - Control instructions (2)
  • JS - Manipulating XHTML structure, forms (1)
  • JS - Script embedding, theoretical basics (1)
  • JS - Practical problems, differences among browsers (1)
  • JS - Event handling (2)
  • JS - Strings and regular expressions (1)
  • JS - Arrays and objects (2)
  • JS - Data types, conversions, operators (1)