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Windows Client - Windows 7

The Exam checks the knowledge and skills in Windows Client Administration (Windows 7).

Microsoft Windows 7 – operating system belonging to series of operating systems produced by Microsoft. Vista's successor. Windows 7 is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit and is compatible with previous versions of Windows.

The following example may arise in the test:

You are planning Windows Vista user profile migration to Windows 7. In order to start User State Migration Tool it is required to:
  a) to run as Administrator
   b) be run from Windows system folder
   c) be run from external storage
   d) none of the answers is correct

section: "Deploying", intermediate

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Questions to answer: 27
Time to test: 30 min
Test price: 0.00 EUR
  • Windows 7 - Configuration (9)
    Questions check the knowledge about configuration, installation, actualization and migration to the Win 7 system (eg.: networking, security, routine maintenance, operation on the mobile PCs, etc.).
  • Windows 7 - Deploying (9)
    Questions check the knowledge about planning and managing of Windows 7 Deployment (eg.: creation and configuration of images, migration of user data, deployment, designing, configuring and managing of the client environment, etc.).
  • Windows 7 - Supporting & Troubleshooting (9)
    Questions check the knowledge about support and troubleshooting in Windows Client - Windows 7 (eg.: reparation, diagnosis of the computer systems, virtualization, optymalization, applications monitoring, troubleshooting, etc.).